Creating Abundance Through Alchemy

Creating Abundance Through Alchemy

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Dave Winters, Celtic Alchemist and Teacher

Do you believe that performing a simple ritual can bring about new and exciting changes to your life? In other words….


Magic is in the Eye of the Beholder

Do You Believe in Magic?

In my previous blog, I write about manifesting as a tool to create a new life for yourself. Now I want to share a concrete example of creating abundance using an ancient instrument to mediate between you and your intention. Caroline Casey has said that ‘magic is the willingness to cooperate with everything’.  If we want to create magic around living a life filled with joy and all that we ever desired, we must ask for it and be willing to follow the threads of cooperation that the universe is weaving together. With this in mind, one way to ask the universe to conspire with us is to combine personal intention with a powerful tool that holds memories and intentions from ancient times.

Introducing Alchemy

In essence, what I am describing is alchemy. The alchemy process begins with holding an intention with great focus (consider this the container), which spontaneously invites in a flow of energy to create something new. To that end, we swim in a sea of alchemical possibilities when we use magic to create our most beautiful life.

Alchemy and Ancient Practices

Alchemy has been THE creation process since the beginning of time. To be sure, humans have always used symbolic objects to manifest change: a crystal ball, a lighted candle, a chalice and bread, a cross, an ankh, or an amulet. Additionally, some of these ancient symbols feel oddly familiar to us. Like lightning striking twice, our bodies vibrate to the frequency of the memory, creating an emotional resonance that makes the deja vu experience come alive. We may feel an emotional resonance with the beating of an animal skin drum, the singing of an ancient melody or when standing on a specific place on Earth. Personally, my resonance with an ancient people of Ireland motivates me to share some of their story with you.

Introducing The Tuatha De Danann

The Tuatha de Danann (TDD; Tribe of the Goddess Danu) were a prehistoric tribe inhabiting Ireland. Ancient stories describe them as a mystical and mythical race of people that came from the ‘northern islands of the world’. Some of their people were known as ‘shining ones’. After losing Ireland to the Gaels, the stories say they resided underground as the sidhe (pronounced ‘shee), or fairy people. I also believe they have lived away from the Earth, out in the cosmos. Today, they are considered to be one of the Bird Tribes, angelic beings that support human ascension and the original intention of establishing peace and harmony to all life and to the Earth. Ken Carey briefly mentions the Tuatha De Danann in his acclaimed book, The Return of the Bird Tribes.

Introducing the Cauldron as a Tool of Alchemy

The cauldron was one of 4 Sacred Treasures recalled in the Celtic-Irish myths of the Tuatha De Danann. The mythical stories of The Cauldron of The Dagda (a heroic and mythical father figure from the TDD lineage) describe this sacred object as ‘leaving no one unsatisfied’. My own experience with this vessel is that of etheric water flowing from the cauldron as a sign of abundance made manifest. That is, alchemical reactions within the Cauldron of Dagda bring a feeling of abundance to the ‘eye of the beholder’ that is always there, waiting for us to connect to it.

The Riders of the Sidhe, by John Duncan, 1911. The Sidhe lived in the underworld and were the spiritual essence of the TDD after they were driven from the land by the Gaels.

Begin with Gratitude

Now, let’s combine manifesting with the cauldron in a short meditation so you can experience the power of working with this symbol to create abundance in your life. The first thing to remember about manifesting abundance is to begin with gratitude. The attitude of gratefulness itself will open the door to abundance in your life. I suggest that before you begin this meditation, you place your awareness on what you are grateful for. With this in mind, please read the instructions for the meditation below.

A Meditation to Manifest Abundance

First, find a small bowl or pot and place a small amount of water at the bottom of it. If you don’t have one, don’t worry about it, just imagine you have one. Then, find a quiet place to sit comfortably and rest the vessel (real or imagined) on your lap. Imagine it is an ancient clay-fired pot, with intricate celtic designs, spirals or triskeles. Feel them with your hands as you sit with your vessel. Take a moment to relax; breathe three slow, deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Continue to breath naturally. Imagine the sun is warming the pot with its energy, and the water is becoming activated in the pot.


The spiral- a symbol commonly found in nature and one of the oldest symbols in Celtic culture. The spiral represents energy fields of earthly or ethereal nature.

Visualizing Abundance

Now imagine what it feels like to have everything you want in your life and what that looks like for you. Close your eyes and visualize this now. Take a moment to really sense what that feels like in your body. Now imagine the simmering water as translucent energy flowing out of the pot. See it overflowing and spreading out over your chest and arms, onto your legs, feet and the ground all around you. Imagine this translucent material as your prosperity overflowing into every corner of your life. Keep your eyes closed and stay with this image until you feel you have received what you asked for. Now say, “May The Cauldron of Dagda reveal all that I have in this life and all that I desire. I ask for this to be so”

A cauldron over a fire in William Blake’s illustrations to his mythical ‘Europe a Prophecy’ first published in 1794.

Making the Meditation a Practice

If you choose, do this meditation every morning for a week. You can change daily what you want as you continue to focus on your intention of abundance. During the day, you can refer back to the cauldron to remember what the image is bringing to you.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to send me an email message of what you asked for and what you thought of this exercise. I would be happy to assist you intuitively to help you fully understand what has transpired for you.

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