Sacred Paths To Light

Discover Authentic. Spiritual. Experience

Come, come, whoever you are.

Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving- it doesn’t matter.

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times.

Come, and come yet again, come, come. –Rumi


Who Should Participate in the Sacred Paths to Light Teachings?

Anyone who is seeking spiritual support and guidance to grow into their true essence; Anyone who has a goal of becoming lighter and filled with joy; Students and teachers of any religion or spiritual path that need support.

What Sacred Paths To Light Has to Offer For You 

My name is Dave Winters and I extend a warm, heartfelt welcome to you, seeker of wisdom, knowledge, growth and light. I am a Spiritual Teacher and Celtic Alchemist. In my work, I combine a gentle, compassionate approach with ancient Celtic tools, shamanic drumming, meditation and ceremony to help you on a journey on your own sacred path to light.

That is:

  • Moving from a pattern of negative thoughts and outcomes to manifesting your highest good and most joyful existence.
  • Releasing old emotional patterns that don’t serve you, including dense energies that can create painful emotional, mental and physical imbalances.
  • Shifting from feeling isolated to feeling connected; to foundational elements, to enlightened people, divine archetypes and supportive beings that are uplifting and inspiring.
  • Starting from a state of confusion about your place in the world to understanding your true purpose that has been inside you since before you were born.
  • Manifesting your brightest life that is the real you!

My goal is to bring information and intuitive guidance to you. That way, you can find your own sacred path to light and claim your own sovereignty around your own life experiences.

How Can Sacred Paths To Light Be of Service to You?

You deserve to create your own healing experiences. Whether you connect with me in a blog I have shared, or enter into a personal healing journey over several months, I only provide what resonates with you for your greatest good.

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