About Me

My name is Dave Winters and I am a Celtic Alchemist and Teacher.

For many years I lived in a place of uncertainty, anxiety and fear, unable to think, do, or say those things that aligned with my truth.

In 1999, at the age of 39, I became a seeker in search of myself, and the healing of my soul.

My path has taken many twists and turns, from Progressive Christian Spirituality, to African Indigenous rituals, to Shamanic Practices and Drumming and Star Knowledge understanding, to finding my ancient family roots, a Celtic and Cosmic homecoming!

I have developed the Sacred Paths to Light to bring my own set of experiences to people like you that are seeking to bring more light and love into your hearts and onto this planet.

I bring a gentle compassionate and nonjudgmental approach to those that are seeking their own path to light.

Thank you for visiting my site and please let me know if I can help you on your journey in any way.