Manifesting Your Brightest Life

Manifesting Your Brightest Life

Sacred Paths to Light

Dave Winters, Celtic Alchemist and Teacher

You’ve heard it all before. ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ ‘Knock and the door will be opened’. Does asking for something really bring what I want? Isn’t this just a fantasy?

woman manifesting what she wants
MORNING MANIFEST: “Today, I ask to keep my eyes on sacred paths to light; that my soul be free of all darkness and fly to my brightest destiny.”









The Flight Path of Our Thoughts

To manifest something is to create experiences simply by asking for them. It is not a question of whether this is possible. We know through quantum physics that thought influences scientific studies on light. We also know our intentions affect the molecular structure of water (think of Emoto’s studies). A thought releases from between our eyes, and, like a blimp, it travels towards its intended target and creates an effect.

The Response to Manifesting Can Seem Elusive

But in the western world we have been culturally programmed to discount this, depriving us of an incredible universal truth of our own abilities and power. And this is where doubt can play a role in the outcome of a thought: new experiences appear synchronously, or not; new pathways are created, or not. All is fluid and moving, or diverted and stuck. What happens to the mindful assertion of breathtaking ideas to create our best life? Please read on to understand the dynamics of this powerful process.

“Asking for and receiving what we want or need is not a promise nor a guarantee, it is just the way the universe works.”

Start By Asking For Something 

Begin by saying “I ask for..”, or “I ask and intend that….”. See, you must begin a conversation with the life you are calling, otherwise, the universe, the place where all is possible, has nothing to respond to. Or, the hand of God has nothing to work with, or the Will of the Creator has nothing to act on. Whatever you believe is at work here, it is surely in the realm of possibilities by asking. This simple act fans a desire to effect change, and is the catalyst that everything around you reacts to.

Practice To Dismantle Disbelief

Manifesting is a process and is easy to integrate into your everyday life. I recommend each morning that you ask how you want your day to turn out. Do you want to give and receive lovingkindness, feel joyful, move forward, etc? At the end of each day, you can evaluate how it turned out and why it turned out the way it did (and please without self judgment!).  Over time, you will begin to see patterns that will create a new awareness of how your thoughts affect your life. This will help dissolve any doubts about being able to create your brightest life.

Be Aware of Your Own Fears and Anxiety

At the same time, understand that anxiety and fear can block what you ask for. Worrying about what is happening to your intention actually becomes a new intention! So, when I stated ‘new pathways are created, or not’, I meant that new pathways can be created except in cases where fear or other contrary intentions block them. This is the time to be AWARE of our emotions and how they feel in our body. This is hard because the experiences are SO familiar that we take them for granted and often tune them out.  What I have personally experienced is that my own impatience with a situation created anxiety that derailed my original intention. This is the backdrop for my story of finding a place to live.

Prayer is a Form of Asking and a Practice in Believing

My Own Manifesting Story- A Place to Call Home

Late last year, I began manifesting my own place to live in Northern California. I began looking for a rental space that would suit all my needs. First, I asked that it be a safe space that was peaceful, private and quiet. It must be a place that I could spread my wings. I also asked for a sunny spot surrounded by nature and trees, and to have a creek running through the property. Finally, it had to be something I could afford.

Derailing My Own Intentions

Well, little did I realize that my anxiety around finding my dream place began to create chaos in my plans! What drove my anxiety was 1) exhaustion, from continuously looking for temporary housing while I find my dream place, and 2) the rental market had been extremely competitive and expensive. In other words, I began to feel desperate!

The Initial Search

Well, I first landed in a studio attached to a home that had a creek on the land and was in many respects beautiful. But the energy there was anything but peaceful. In fact, there was an incredible amount of negative emotional energy onsite. Obviously, this was not what I was looking for. Then, I abruptly left the next situation after I realized it too was loaded with negative emotional energy and traffic noise. I realized I was still desperate and using something I call over-optimism to relieve my own stress related to finding something. Over-optimism is a strategy that involves the mind buying into an illusion that something is great when underneath the surface it is not. It is purely a strategy to relieve short term stress. Have you ever experienced this before?

Accepting the Reality of My Search

Continuing my search for another 4 months, I was led to several interesting places, but not one aligned with my original intention. As time went by, my awareness and intuition increased around what I really wanted and I became more accepting of letting go of a particular place unless it met all of my needs. I also stopped falling into the trap of over-optimistic thinking. I started to trust what I asked for and to let go of any disappointment I was feeling.

A New Feeling of Hope 

Finally, I knew in my heart that something would come through for me. I could actually feel ‘in the air’ that it was time for my place to show up. Within days, a place showed up online. Intuitively, I knew it met all of my needs. So I went to the landlord’s open house event. There were several other parties interested. So, I did two things: I filled out the application, and let go of ‘needing’ to live there. After a few days, I got a phone call. The landlord said she wanted to rent the place to me. I immediately said ‘yes’. I have been living here for almost 3 months and I am so grateful to have this beautiful space as my new home.

Life’s Lessons Learned

So, remember, learning to manifest is an incredible life opportunity. If you realize that you are blocking your original intentions, don’t worry. It is a process to work with. Recall I went through months of trials before the universe told me I was ready to receive what I asked for, but the rewards were worth it and life changing. Be patient and go easy on yourself. After all, realizing you are blocking your original intention is a great practice in developing heightened awareness. What a gift and a blessing!

More Thoughts on Manifesting 

A few more points about manifesting: 1) ask for something only intended for you. You can ask to manifest something for others, but be sure and ask what is ‘in the best interest’ of that person, and be wary of trying to fix others. Plus, know that you have more power to manifest something for yourself, since the soul of another person has a primary influence on their own situation. 2) Be thoughtful before you attempt to manifest something, since asking for something is a powerful practice, you want to be sure you understand the full consequences, and never try to manifest something that may be hurtful to yourself or to others. Please heed my advise on this. It can be a very serious situation if you do not.

Manifesting’s Bigger Role….

Manifesting is a powerful tool to help realize our deepest dreams and desires. The enormous implication to this is manifesting can bring about our own healing and bring us home to our true selves. 

…While Understanding Our Place in the Universe

I also believe universal forces and spiritual elements outside of ourselves help shape our destiny. This is particularly true once we start on a path that is leading us there.  It is these supportive and loving forces that can oversee our direction so we evolve into who we really are. So, be humble and praise this great mystery that is leading us on. To that end, manifesting from a purely egocentric perspective can be counter-productive to our brightest future.

Remember to pay attention to dreams and visions that are the psychic language of the divine crossing your path. Be open to receiving grace and divinely inspired changes that help you be your brightest light. The chaotic world that we are all experiencing needs you to be your highest self. It is all hands on deck time (I will have more to say about this in a future blog). Please keep asking for those things that are of the highest good for you and for all! Remember to keep letting go of things that get in the way of your path, and please….be gentle with yourself.


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The author at home in the woods, in the Bay Area, CA
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