Divine Feminine Rising

Divine Feminine Rising

Sacred Paths To Light

Dave Winters, Celtic Alchemist and Teacher

 Is There Someone Inside of You That has Gone Missing?

The Plight of the Divine Feminine Within Ourselves

Chances are, whether you are male or female, the missing person is your feminine self. In our ‘civilized’ society, far away from the rhythms of the natural world and the beating heart of the Earth, most people have forgotten what it feels like to be in her presence. To say nothing of the fact of how vital she is for our own peace and harmony. Once you awaken to this troubling reality, a state of grief, fear, anger or deep pain can set in. It is alright to feel this way. Acknowledging the loss is a first big step in your own healing.

Reading the Outward Signs

When we feel a part of us is missing, we can begin a long, desperate search for what we intuitively know we lack. Perhaps I am oversimplifying this greatly, but a man disconnected with his feminine aspect will look for ‘her’ in other women. He is thinking ‘I will search the world over for the one that will complete me’. More cynically, he will seek out many others in a pattern that has an addictive quality. This is very different from the man who feels whole within himself that finds his twin flame lover, dancing to a harmonic rhythm of love.

However, a woman may look for a male to validate her missing feminine side. She may also choose to remain silent within herself, because she can no longer express her true nature without fear of being invalidated or even abused by outside forces. (Note: To all women reading this post, I would love to hear your comments on this. Also, what you feel is going on for you from a spiritual and emotional perspective. Thank you!)

The Universal Problem

Either way, this unhealthy searching can be detrimental as long as we follow old patterning and conditioning that does not serve us. For it is a grand illusion that we will find a solution somewhere out there. The answer truly lies within us. But, please take heart. You are not alone in feeling this way. This is a universal problem. There is a great need to understand ways to return and embrace our true feminine nature, she who is waiting inside of you. For our world to survive, we need her to bring us back into balance, peace and harmony once again. All indications are she is beginning to wake up and come back into our world.

Why Has She Been Missing?

There is a war that has been playing out for thousands of years as violent patriarchal masculine forces have decimated and stunted the feminine heart in men and the feminine voice in women. The onslaught of masculine/feminine imbalance continues into this millennium with a power and force that can only be described as ‘rape’: 1) the raping and pillaging of the Earth, the one we call ‘Mother’, 2) the raping and destruction of nature as a deeply feminine intuitive world, and 3) the universal sexual, physical and emotional abuse of girls and women.

The Destruction of the Earth

To begin with, the earth is a divine feminine mother spirit because she represents the womb, holding all of us on the surface of her body. She provides a sacred space for us to live. I imagine that she is much like the Columbia River Basin carving called ‘She Who Watches’, a symbol of motherhood watching over her human family. It is the Divine Mother figure that receives us with unconditional acceptance and love. There is a flow and a movement to her and to all her waters. She exists as a cosmological queen of exquisite beauty, one of the most beautiful bodies in the universe. Yet, we modern humans have treated her so shamefully.

She Who Watches (Tsagaglalal) by Rooftop65 https://www.flickr.com/photos/rooftop65/ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode

Destroying Nature’s Queen

In the same way, nature on Earth is stunningly beautiful and also sacred life forms deeply connected to humans. But we have separated ourselves from much of the natural world, and destroyed so much of its beauty and serenity. As a very real illustration of this, I think about the decline of bees in the last 20 years or so. The bee culture is matriarchal and is about the power of the feminine. The Queen plays the central role in the life of the hive and the worker bees that collect the nectar to sustain the hive are all females. The queen holds the hive together and creates new bees to fulfill her colony’s mission. Without her, all is lost. She and her colonies are being destroyed.

Poisoning the Hive and the Entire Planet

On the 3D material level, it is the corporations that will do anything at any cost to sell their toxic chemicals. Neonicotinoids, for example, are pesticides so ubiquitous around the globe now, that in my opinion, they are upsetting the balance of many natural systems. These chemicals are killers to our vital bee populations. This is another example of the wholesale destruction of the feminine and natural world that the unhealthy masculine is projecting at this time. The world is at war. It is sometimes a hidden war with huge costs associated with it and our lives and our planet are at stake.

Queen Bee- Photo Credit: Monika Fischer https://www.flickr.com/photos/pragmaticfix/15175002924/in/album-72157648887293357/ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode

The Fight for Control and Power Over Nature

To put it another way, this is about those in power keeping feminine forces of nature and the Earth at bay to prolong their power grab and control over all. There are several levels of forces that are involved. First, there are the three dimensional structures and people benefiting from this destruction who can’t truly see the forest through the trees; Then, groups of people in the three dimensional world that are like umbrella structures tied to wealth and power and destruction who only serve themselves; and finally there are higher dimensional forces that live off the emotional turmoil caused by the imbalance.

The Abuse of the Female Person-The Rise in Stories of Men Behaving Badly

We know the Earth and its living creatures are being attacked, now let’s turn to our own species! It is clear from the stories that have been published in the world media recently that the incidents of men abusing women is long overdue to be outed. You see, men have in their history and lineages a long line of missing and wounded feminine aspects that have created havoc in their energetic, emotional and physical bodies. This does not excuse this behavior, by any means, but it is a symptom of one of the largest issues confronting our world today. The abuse of girls and women on the planet today is so profound, we are only beginning to uncover the very dark and troubling crimes against them- and all of humanity.

Awareness of the Divine Feminine Within Us

Before I shift our focus away from the past and discuss the rising of the new feminine nature, I feel it is important to define for you what I mean by the feminine aspect of ourselves. I want to list 6  qualities of the divine feminine that we have the potential to express:  1) Nurturing ourselves and others, 2) Receiving others who are in need (holding space) 3) Relying on intuition over rational thought, 4) Embracing a flowing quality to life rather than forcing things (i.e., don’t push the river), 5) Expressing gentleness, both physically, and through words and compassionate actions, and 6) Spending time just Being instead of Doing.

As mentioned above, It is helpful to consider ourselves made up of masculine and feminine qualities, or parts. It is especially critical in an individual’s healing process to feel our divine feminine self and her state within our bodies. If we are sensing that she is undercover, or not being expressed, there are ways to allow her to once again see the light of day as long as we feel we are in a safe space to do so (I bring a healing meditation to any group that wants to experience this).

A Sign of the Divine Feminine Rising- The 2017 Solar Eclipse

So, as I have pointed out above, our lives have suffered great losses by the war on the feminine. However, the world is shifting in a new healthy and enlightened direction. I want to describe an event to you that is symbolic of this shift. On August 21, 2017, millions of people in the US came to witness firsthand the total eclipse of the sun. The eclipse was a special event and news coverage was incredibly high for an astronomical event. But given the times we are in, there was so much more happening around this particular eclipse than most people understand. Remember, that with all significant events, there is always a hidden meaning under the public explanation. That is why sometimes we are so utterly confused about life. We have been fed a line that does not go far enough, or is not even remotely true.

The Mystery of the Eclipse- A Huge Alchemical Shift

One stunning interpretation of this particular eclipse that I received during a meditation is that the moon acted as the feminine crossing over the sun, the masculine. She put out his light for a moment, so to speak, revealing her power- literally showing that she can ‘eclipse him’. Of course, there have been many solar eclipses. They all have different resonances and meanings. This time the eclipse had a message that ‘it is time’, for a new era- It is time for the feminine to come in, with her voice, flowing as the waters. With her powers to veil him, so that he cannot hurt anyone anymore. To put the veil of the feminine over the outrageous male- she turns his light out- takes away his destructive power. The man points a gun, threatens, demands, cajoles…the feminine whispers, ‘it is time….’

We Are at an Historical Crossroads

I mentioned that the feminine voice was stunted by the patriarchal war on women. Women lost their voice because they had to protect themselves from the violence perpetrated by men. When the divine feminine chooses to speak her truth, the whole world will tremble and shake, for the whole world will know her true power. The forces that wish to cut off her flowing beauty and power are trembling. They are gradually losing their ability to suppress her.

I believe feminine aspects and structures around the world are just beginning to be healed. It is the most important work that this world needs right now.

Divine Feminine Rising (a poem)

“She’s a bird with a song in her heart,

and the limb of a tree, holding the bird

and bearing ripe fruit.

She’s the soft breeze blowing,

the wild wave crashing,

the voice disarming,

and the sky that’s crying.

She’s the truth teller,

the visionary,

the statue of beauty,

player of the harp,

the dancer of the tunes,

the planter of the seeds,

and the gatherer of the gifts.

She’s the harmony,

and the melody,

she’s the heart beating,

and the heart abiding.

she’s a heavenly body,

and the chalice of devotion.

she’s the chasm of the unknown,

and a drop in the ocean, she is… the ocean.”

Illchee, Shaman Preistess of the Chinnok Tribe from the Columbia River Basin


© Copyright 2017 ~Dave Winters,  All Rights Reserved


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