Preparing For Your New Life- Entering the Winter Solstice Portal 2017

Preparing For Your New Life- Entering the Winter Solstice Portal 2017

Sacred Paths to Light

Dave Winters, Celtic Alchemist and Teacher

Hello and Welcome to the Winter Solstice 2017 addition of the SACRED PATHS TO LIGHT Blog.

Please realize that beyond the dark, shorter days, a bright future awaits us, literally!

Overview of Winter Solstice 2017

First, I want to express what I am seeing around this year’s winter solstice. Secondly, I want to describe a short meditation you can do to take advantage of this powerful solstice portal to manifest your own healing. Remember, as you heal what is asking to be healed within yourself, you contribute to the healing of all humanity. In other words, this is very important work!

Two Opposing Energies Emerging

So, I find myself insatiably curious at the high levels of dense energy that have been released into the stratosphere of our planet this past year. In stark contrast, I am also grateful for the divine feminine spirit that has awakened on the planet. I feel these two ongoing processes, the revealing of old dense energies and the awareness and integration of healthy energies, shaking us to our core (in a good way!).

The Dense and the Light Energies

To elaborate, I want to discuss the dense energies that are coming to the surface for all of us. These energies come mainly as the element of fire. That is, the aspect of fire that consumes, and speaks to the consumption of the planet’s resources and the drive to continue to exploit the earth for creating wealth and power intentionally for a select few. This violent impetuous energy from government, corporate and even so-called judicial forces, conspires to bulldoze into the ground any argument against a rampant, destructive form of consumerism. In addition, this energy represents violent oppression against the feminine aspects of nature, ourselves, and all of life.

In contrast to this dense process, the energy from the Earth herself and energy created by people dedicated to protect her (and the feminine) have grown significantly. I call these light energies, or energies motivated by a higher calling to bring healing and peace to the planet.

Increasing Polarization

Thus, an increasingly polarized energy field has grown as a result of the clashing forces. This polarization continues to drive change in opposite directions. One of those directions creates a denser path of life, degrading the Earth and the natural world disproportionately to life that can be sustained on our beautiful planet. This force also initiates violent acts against people and nature to create an environment of fear and despair among those who refuse to go along or to keep people suppressed. The other direction creates a lighter, more direct path to long term sustainable living.

Moving in a Lighter Direction

So, I suggest that you consider, in whatever way you can, to contribute to the lighter direction of the two polarities that we are experiencing now. Every person who makes a conscious decision in this direction will help create a more direct path to sustainable living on Earth.

This includes sitting quietly with the current situation as it is. Then, in the silence, seeing what comes up for you to help with the unbalanced world we live in.

Then, on a more etheric level, imagine integrating the divine feminine aspect more fully into your life in the coming year. Please read my previous blog from November 29, 2017, about Divine Feminine Rising: This might give you some insights into what you can hope and dream to live into for the healing of your own feminine spirit.

A Meditation for the Winter Solstice

Equally important, is to reflect on the dense energies within ourselves. Then, once these aspects are revealed, we can begin a process to cleanse and clear what doesn’t serve us, releasing them for all time.

So, for this meditation, you will need: a candle and something to light the candle; a dark colored scarf or bandana to cover your head and eyes (something you can shed from your life’s belongings); and a bright crystal, something that you feel intuitively guided to use in this ceremony.

Next, find a place inside or outside that will represent a kind of dark womb space. Then, place the crystal and the unlit candle close by. Once you enter the space, just sit and relax for a few minutes. Place a veil or cover over your head and eyes. Now, begin to breathe into your lower abdomen deeply and exhale slowly. Relax into your body. Continue to breathe slowly and comfortably, through the nose or mouth, whatever feels best.

Having the Courage to See What the Dark Aspects of Our Lives Hold for Us

Tuning Into Your Body Wisdom

As you settle into this space I want you to tune into whatever in your life is no longer serving you, but is acting as a veil on your beautiful bright life? Can you touch this? Can you feel it in a part of your body. Where do you feel it? Can you ask the feeling what it is about? Sit with this question as long as you like until you feel you have something you deem important to work with. Meditate or focus your attention on this issue. Imagine it veiling your bright and beautiful self. Then, when you feel ready, ask to cast off whatever veils your light essence, removing the dark obstacle and revealing your true self.

Staying Present in the Darkness

The Unveiling of the Old and Lighting Up of the New

Lay the veil on the ground. Light up the candle and expose that which doesn’t serve you. Then, recite the following while you hold the candle close to your heart space:

The Old that doesn’t serve me has been lifted from all of my bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental).

That which kept me in the dark has been given to the Earth and no longer belongs to me. May the Earth accept what I have freely given away.

I fully release this dark energy for all time. It is so.

(Hold the crystal in one hand up to your third eye. press it against your forehead. Hold the candle with your other hand in front of the crystal). Say,

May the new light penetrate my inner knowing.

and reveal the light within me.

May any darkness left within be brought up to the light to be alchemized with light energy.

An integration that will leave me whole in my being.

I celebrate my light as the darkness falls away.

(You may actually bury the covering in the ground if you wish- this seals the deal).

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