The Bluebird and the Global Release of Truth

The Bluebird and the Global Release of Truth

Sacred Paths to Light

Dave Winters, Celtic Alchemist and Teacher

“The Truth Will Set You Free”

Bluebird Totem: Sing Your Unique Song; No More Holding Back of Truth for Fear of Repercussions

The Global Shift in Human Consciousness

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a massive shift in vocal expression out into the world. In fact, this most recent shift first appeared most strongly sometime after the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse. For a brilliant example, recall the global truth release that was the beginning of the ‘MeToo’ movement. Since then, the shift to greater truth-telling has expanded, especially after the Spring Equinox and Easter, 2018. Even now, it continues to erupt like lava flowing out of a large volcano!

The Bluebird and It’s Song

What does the Bluebird have to do with this, you might ask? Well, because she is the perfect archetypal totem and incarnate truth-teller for all that is happening.  The melodic sound of this beautiful blue bird is not just its way of communicating about mundane events in daily life. Actually, this bird has something more important to contribute. As subtle as it seems, she is sounding out high frequency vibrations that help stabilize what is happening around the planet.

The Bluebird and Collective Planetary Grids and Colors

You see, the bluebird’s color and its song contributes to a color/sound grid frequency of what I call the ‘living truth’.  That is, a collective set of color mixed with sounds that vibrate out into the world at a very high level. One of the totem meanings of the Bluebird is to ‘sing your unique song. Be authentic.’

Now, the thoughts and words that echo out from our own minds and throats also vibrate out into the universe, and these vibrations, or patterns, have reached higher levels over time. You can think of these patterns as a blend of truth and lies, like bands of color. From that perspective, I would call this shift, ‘recoloring the landscape’, especially as our vibrations become more ‘truthful’, or authentic. So this comes full circle when the higher frequency vibrations of truth move towards the color blue. I can explain this by describing the throat chakra and its relation to this color.

The Throat Chakra

The blue color of the throat chakra represents soothing your soul, stillness, peace, heaven, water element, sky and healing. Blue also connects us with divinity. Moving further, into Buddhist philosophy, blue is the color of pure mind, one that is uncluttered by thought. Most especially, and for purposes of this discussion, blue color is associated with listening to your own voice to express what is truthful ( So, the higher the frequency of our truth telling, the more the color spectrum moves to blue.

Raising Our Frequency

And, if we bring our frequency higher, it harmonizes to that of the bluebird’s. This alignment brings a kind of unity to the Earth.

Interestingly, In April of this year, I observed several people getting Strep Throat infection all around the same time. These people did not live in a common regional area, but were still getting the same symptoms. I began to see this as a spiritual reckoning for the release of blocks to speaking our truth. In other words, I could see that they were absorbing a universal energy around throat blockage, which was ready to be released.

A Cosmic Bluebird!

Exposing the Giant Lie

So, the ability for people to speak their truth has magnified, and not just around mundane things. Many vocal expressions revolve around very difficult topics; sexual abuse and harassment; the end to racism as we know it; death by unregulated assault weapons; the plowing over of people’s lands and rights by oil and gas companies; the global contamination of the world’s oceans by plastics; the spraying of pesticides indiscriminately that affect bee populations; the application of hundreds of millions of pounds of herbicides each year that are destroying vegetation and polluting waterways at an unprecedented level.

The list is endless really- about the way in which our modern society has been so destructive, and how our lives are being decimated by overconsumption, insensitivity, and greed. We live with a giant lie, a completely unsustainable one, and how very little seems to be changing in that regard except for one thing- the ability for people to raise their voices and speak about the truth we face every day. Not only that, but we actually recognize these voices for the truth that they project.

The Accelerated Pace of Global Truth

As time moves forward, we should expect to see the time gap between an event and the truth coming out about the event, shrink. Sooner or later, don’t be surprised to see an instantaneous outcry the minute an event has occurred. Until we get to that place, how can we move forward with our communication? Simply put, as the world becomes more aware of the injustices in the world, and our voices continue to activate the truth grid and make it more viable, people will access this truth almost instantaneously. Really,  like picking a beautiful piece of ripe fruit from a tree whenever we need to access it. Plus, the technology we use will change drastically to allow for such interactions to occur.

Thank the BlueBird

So, my friends, if we can survive the next few decades without destroying our planet and ourselves, we may have the bluebird to thank, as she works tirelessly in keeping Mother Earth and her grids stable and alive with her song of high frequency and joy. So, if you happen to see a bluebird, can you take the time to thank this beautiful creature?

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